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Dealers Exceed Sales Expectations With Unique Strategy using Automotive Direct Mail
- As featured in AutoSuccess Magazine

Today's market is affecting the types of customer who respond to traditional advertising. Television, radio and the newspaper are driving more and more credit challenged shoppers. Unfortunately, the same market climate has made the banks unwilling to extend credit to these people without enormous hedge fees. It has become difficult to sell cars to these people, let alone make a fair profit from them.

These credit-challenged people in need of transportation are driven to the Internet and show up in your inbox from a third-party lead provider. Where are the people that can buy cars? Your dealership is not a roach motel; stop inviting in only the roaches. You want shoppers that can buy. Put the bait out for the good credit buyers — the deals that fund fast with no headaches.

The best dealerships have the smarts to know that, if their business isn’t growing and sales are shrinking, then they need to change the way they go after new prospects. For these people who seek out and find the sales-building strategies that work in any economy, success is almost guaranteed.
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The current economic climate, with banks tightening stipulations for loans and gas prices soaring, has made effective marketing more important than ever. Every marketing dollar must have maximum impact. Banks have become very tight lending to those with the 480 to 559 credit scores. These deals are not getting bought without $2,000 to $3,000 down. The hedge fees of 15 to 20 percent make these deals very difficult — if not impossible — to structure. Dealerships are looking for ways to increase sales from their marketing dollars and drive in more high-score traffic that can be more easily financed. One great way to do this is to increase response rates and target your desired customer type. New ideas in direct mail, like gas mailer campaigns, are helping innovative dealers achieve up to a 5 to 10 percent response.

Why do gas mailers work? The gas mailer mail campaign hits a nerve. Everyone in the United States is feeling the pinch from high gas prices in one way or another. Everyone opens a gas mailer simply because it offers some relief at a time when gas has hit $4 or more per gallon. Who wouldn’t open it?
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If you want your bottom line to explode use Big Time Promotions!!!! I have been working with Jimmy Peters and his Staff of experts to set up a new sub prime department. In the first mailer I had a 7% response and 18 deliveries averaging $3200 front end and $1800 back end. I always get great customer service when dealing with Big Time Promotions they are a top performer in the direct mail industry and number one in my book. With out a doubt they are my go to mail house for all my sub prime advertising."

Troy Price
Fresh Start Finance Director
Battlefield Ford
Manassas, VA

Jimmy was a GM at Bill Heard Chevy and a major client of HSBC, Jimmy attitude and willingness to go beyond his normal duties as a sales manger is one of the reasons this was one of HSBC largest accounts. Jimmy took the initiative to understand our product and incorporate the product into his sales strategies. I would highly recommend Jimmy Peters"

John Murray
Credit Union Dealer Portfolio Services LLC

Jimmy is a true sales professional who built strong relationships with all of his contacts at many dealerships. His internal team was well trained and driven to succeed. He has always been driven to find a solution for his clients and coworkers.He has a great work ethic, and always a joy to work with. I would recommend Jimmy to any organization."

Brian Hebebrand
General Sales Manager
Butler Ford

I would highly recommend Jimmy from past experience working with him as a finance and sales manager at previous dealerships. While I have no experience with Big Time Promotions, I know that Jimmy has been successful in the start up and growth of this company."

Bob Kimbro
Dealer Relationship Manager
BrandAuto Finance

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