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Staffed Events

What does an Automotive Staffed Event Sale do for your dealership?

  • Move Inventory
  • Gain More Customers
  • Build Value In Your Dealership
  • Boost Traffic
  • Increase Sales
  • Maximize Gross Profit

Big Time Promos will customize a Staffed Event Sale just for your dealership. You will have absolute market exclusiveness. No other company has stronger car guys than Big Time Promos. Our staff will work with you to complete the finest Automotive Direct Mail Campaign for your event. All of our Staffed Event Campaigns have been tested and confirmed to be effective in delivering more sales and traffic to your dealership. Our Super Sale Teams consist of real car guys that have years of experience in sales and finance.

Big Time Promos aims to exceed your expectations by increasing your gross and sales.

Contact us today at 866-982-MAIL (6245) for more information about our Automotive Staffed Event Sales aka Automotive Super Sale.