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What has been referred to as "circus events" in the past, is when we bring in outside sale events to help us out and give us a boost. I will no longer call it that. Big Time Promotions did our first sales event last week and it was phenomenal. Not only did the knowledge far exceed prior similar sales, but we did not get any "heat" after the sale. The F & I knowledge of Clay Green far exceeded anything I have seen in the past. The grosses were out of the park and the energy from the sales staff was awesome. OVER $20,000 IN GROSS ON TWO DEALS and that just touches the surface!!! We are so impressed that they are returning after only two weeks. The knowledge passed on to our F & I and sales staff, including managers is priceless. This was by far the best sale ever!!!!! Bottom Line, whether you have a young or experienced sales and F & I department, you will not go wrong with Big Time Promotions!!!"

Rudy Lopez
Business Director
Broadway Ford
Idaho Falls, ID
I have been using Big Time Promotions for over 6 months now with a great deal of success! The staff is prompt and very helpful and I look forward to many more promotions!"

Jerry Green
General Sales Manager
Antioch Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Antioch, CA
If you want your bottom line to explode use Big Time Promotions!!!! I have been working with Jimmy Peters and his Staff of experts to set up a new sub prime department. In the first mailer I had a 7% response and 18 deliveries averaging $3200 front end and $1800 back end. I always get great customer service when dealing with Big Time Promotions they are a top performer in the direct mail industry and number one in my book. With out a doubt they are my go to mail house for all my sub prime advertising."

Troy Price
Fresh Start Finance Director
Battlefield Ford
Manassas, VA
"Hi my name is Barney Lopez and I am the GSM of Cloverleaf Chrysler Dodge Jeep. I have been using Big Time Promotions for about a year now and out of all the mail I have done they are without a doubt the best mail company I have had the pleasure to work with. The get tanked mailer I did with Jimmy gave me a tremendous response as well as great gross per copy. I ran $4218 a copy and had a 2% show ratio. I would definitely recommend Big Time Promotions and will definitely be doing business with Jimmy again. Thank You"

Barney Lopez
General Sales Manager
Cloverleaf Chrysler Dodge Jeep
Decatur, AL
Dealer Temps a company that sets up, trains and monitors sub-prime departments for automobile dealers has partnered with Big Time Promotions for almost 1 year now. Jimmy and Mike are some of the best people to work with. The mailers that I use are always designed with a unique fashion that seems to have a very high open rate. I typically expected a 1 – 2% response on an average mailer; with Big Time Promotions I am averaging almost a 3% response. The higher the response the larger the profit. I will continue to use Big Time Promotions and keep them as a securing staple in my monthly advertising budgets."

Keith Offenberg
Director of Operations
Dealer Temps
Woodbridge, VA
Big Time Promotions has given me uncanny support on the mailouts and their follow-up process is at the top of the charts. My sales director Tangela Brown has a strong passion to help you achieve your goals. I have been using Big Time Promotions for quite some time, and it has increased my sales by 10 – 20 units with grosses running $2,500 – $3,000 a copy."

James "MJ"Allen
Special Finance Manager
Eddie Wiggins Buick Pontiac GMC
Warner Robins, GA
As a ten-year veteran of the automobile industry, I have seen and worked with numerous direct mail companies. Big Time Promotions is the only company that has met and exceeded all my expectations. Tangela Brown and her team offer some of the best customer service in the industry, with a genuine concern for the overall success of the dealership. Big Time Promotions has focused on developing a long-term relationship rather than merely a single event. The mail piece we chose produces an excellent overall response and our customers are very receptive to the calls from our salespeople. We are averaging over $3,500.00 per copy from our leads, with one of the most accurate manifest lists I've ever seen. We will continue to do business with Big Time Promotions until we either run out of leads or sell everyone in the state of Vermont a vehicle. Thank you once again to Tangela Brown and her team."

Benjamin Cookson
Finance Director
Freedom Nissan
South Burlington, VT
Big Time Promotions has been a huge help in pulling out great months here at Hixson. We have used their piece targeting Fresh Bankruptcies and have increased our sales by 20 – 25 units as well as profits of up to $5k per copy. We have just tried a new piece that directs callers to the automated system which just produces leads for our BDC to schedule appointments. So far it is working great. Big Time will be a part of our advertising budget for months to come."

Mark Redding
BDC/Internet Sales Manager
Hixson Autoplex
Monroe, LA
To Mike, Erich, and Lindsay, I just wanted to thank all of you for your efforts in creating the success we have had here at Joyce Superstore with your mailers. Your immediate attention to everything is appreciated. You helped us close 2006 in good fashion. We just dropped our first mailer this year and it has been overwhelming. Thanks again."

Ed Lowitzki
Special Finance Director
Joyce Superstore
Dekalb, IL
In Texas everything is Big. That's why we like doing business with Big Time Promotions. When we do direct mail pieces – we get the "Biggest Bang" for our Buck. Their staff is very courteous and helpful. Their prices are very competitive and the cost of their sales usually pays for itself within the first 24 hours!"

Laura Kirby
Finance Manager
Kellogg Motors
Harlingen, TX
We have used Big Time Promotions several times this year and have always had great success with their direct mail pieces. My Special Finance department is extremely busy with phone calls and appointments every time!"

Sara Miller
Advertising Coordinator
LaRiche Chevrolet Cadillac
Findlay, OH
Dear Matt, I just wanted to thank you and recognize you for your performance on our January sales event. We ended up delivering 16 units and grossing $61,600 on the 10,000 piece mailer. I've just scheduled another mailer for this month and look forward to continued success throughout the coming year! If it may be of any benefit to you please feel free to have any of your potential clients (not in my immediate market area) contact me regarding the success we've enjoyed with your program. Wishing you the best of luck in 2007!"

Sean McCarthy
General Sales Manager
Mastria Auto Group
Raynham, MA
We've sold 14 leads from the first 5,000 pieces of mail at an average gross of $3,577 and had a 1.65% response ratio. This is truly the first successful mail campaign we've had in six months and the price of the mail was 10 cents less per piece than all the other mail houses. Big Time Promotions sincerely cares about their dealers and the success of their sub-prime departments. We will absolutely continue to do business with Big Time Promotions in the future."

Christine Emerson
Business Manager
Rick Weaver Buick Pontiac GMC
Erie, PA
We've sold 14 leads from the first 5,000 pieces of mail at an average gross of $3,577 and had a 1.65% response ratio. This is truly the first successful mail campaign we've had in six months and the price of the mail was 10 cents less per piece than all the other mail houses. Big Time Promotions sincerely cares about their dealers and the success of their sub-prime departments. We will absolutely continue to do business with Big Time Promotions in the future."

Richard "Jake"Jacobitz
Sales Manager
Rick Weaver Buick Pontiac GMC
Erie, PA
"If you are like me, I get 20 to 30 calls a day on how someone has re-invented the wheel and that my business can not be successful without their product. If you are looking for a very simple, very successful program to bring buyers to your store, you owe it to yourself to experience the success we have with Big Time Promotions. In the last 90 days we have used Big Time for two promotions and we have signed up for a third. Big Time Promotions makes my business of selling cars easier."

Jim Harper
General Manager
Rountree Cadillac Mitsubishi
Waco, TX
Dealing with Big Time Promotions has been a great experience. Jimmy Peters is a car man that understands our needs. A breath of fresh air in the mailer industry."

Justin Roberson
Sales Manager
Sunbelt Ford
Cordele, GA
I have been dealing with Big Time Promos for 3 months now and they are by far the best mailer company I have worked with. My group consists of 8 stores in the Rochester and Buffalo NY area and we all are on the verge of signing up with Big Time. It is great to finally have a mailer company that delivers on their promise of driving traffic to your store. I will continue to use these guys until the well runs dry."

Mike Henry
General Sales Manager
Vision Kia
Rochester, NY
Jimmy is a great car guy with a vast array of knowledge. He is a master when it comes to mail. He will drive traffic to your dealership !"

Robert Craft
Free Automotive Marketing
Huntsville, Alabama
I would highly recommend Jimmy from past experience working with him as a finance and sales manager at previous dealerships. While I have no experience with Big Time Promotions, I know that Jimmy has been successful in the start up and growth of this company."

Bob Kimbro
Dealer Relationship Manager
BrandAuto Finance
Jimmy is a true sales professional who built strong relationships with all of his contacts at many dealerships. His internal team was well trained and driven to succeed. He has always been driven to find a solution for his clients and co-workers. He has a great work ethic, and always a joy to work with. I would recommend Jimmy to any organization."

Brian Hebebrand
General Sales Manager
Butler Ford
Jimmy is a detail oriented manager, well to work with and had a positive job atmosphere."

Mary Gage
General Sales Manager
Bill Heard Chevrolet
Jimmy Peters is one of the most driven professionals that I have worked with in the automotive industry. His ability to manage the training, sales, and financial aspects of multiple locations as well as comprehend the impact of his people, clients and technology in his area is a great. Jimmy pays close attention to detail and has been an incredible asset to the largest Chevrolet dealer group in the world. His ability to move markets and generate business was invaluable to our clients, to support staff, manufacturers’ and company executives. His energy and enthusiasm are beyond impressive and he would be an asset to any company. I highly recommend Jimmy Peters."

Kevin Loncher
The Wade Companies
Jimmy is a very motivated person !! He is always doing his job above and beyond , an over achiever and is an awesome leader !!! He makes things happen and will be a great asset to anyone who is involved with him."

Craig Smith
Mortgage Consultant
America Home Key
I have worked with Jimmy at 2 different business' and the reason is have full trust in his skills as business associate and his professional desire to be the best at anything he wants to be. The commitment and the passion he puts into anything he does is unlike i have never seen before to earn money for himself and the business's he has run. I trust him as a professional and a friend."

David Horne
Sales Manager
Kia Autosport Inc.