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Super Leads Program

Guaranteed to sell cars or your money back. Once your market is sold they are gone! The only leads that are guaranteed to give you 10% sales, not a response but 10% sold! If you buy 100 leads you’re guaranteed to sell 10 cars … or we will give you 50 more leads OR 50% OF YOUR MONEY BACK!

We provide exclusive leads in all 50 states across the country, leads that are all interested, qualified, and ready to buy! Maximize your marketing dollars by targeting consumers that are actively seeking a vehicle and actually have the intention of buying a car today. This is one of the most targeted leads available and the response rates prove it. As you know, you are lucky to get a 1% response from a traditional mail campaign alone. With our Super Leads program it’s pretty common to see response rates from 9% to as much as 15%! Another key is our Super Leads is the customer will get a mailer from us as soon as the lead is generated. You can’t wait and mail these consumers weekly or monthly because these are hot leads. These are some of the most valuable prospects there are, so it is extremely important to send out a high quality mail piece with the correct message that includes a live stamp. Our call center calls and sets the appointment for you and follows up with that lead for 90 days or until they buy. You’ve got hot leads with less competition, that’s guaranteed to produce sales. What more could you ask for?

How Does It Work?

1.) How a super lead is generated
Credit bureaus send leads of every customer who gave written permission to have their credit pulled for an auto inquiry in your local market every 24 hours.
2.) Customizable
Your leads are Customizable by you with select demographics, credit scores and other criteria that are exclusive.
3.) Customer Management
We provide your dealership with an online Customer Relations Management tool that will let you track each and every lead until they buy.
4.) Pre-app Invite
Proven effective, custom, pre-approved letter are sent out to each fresh prospect you purchase.
5.) Contact Prospect
Dealer gets in touch with customers via phone, email or text as customers respond to their invitation of credit. Each mailer has your dealerships contact info and a toll free number, a website and PIN supplied by our platform that links directly to one of our company owned call centers.
6.) Schedule an Appointment
When a customer calls one of our proprietary 24/7 Call Center, we will schedule an appointment date and time for the customer to come into your dealership.
7.) You Sell Them a Vehicle
You will deliver 10% of the leads out of 100 leads. You will sell 10 cars or more or we will give you 50 more leads free or half of your money back.
Now that’s a guarantee!
The SUPER LEAD PROGRAM pays for its entire month with one sale. For this reason, we offer one of the highest return on investments in the industry. Please see the attached mailer that each lead receives.

Contact Us Today To Learn More

Please call Jimmy Peters at (706) 289-2387.
He will make sure you have everything you need.
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